OMR Sheet Reading Process OMR Optical Mark Recognition

False Assumptions About OMR

There are 2 wrong concepts about OMR sheet checking process that people tend to carry:

Wrong concept 1:

The expensive, traditional OMR Sheet Reader Machines or OMR Scanners are required for OMR sheet scanning process. This is a false assumption.

Wrong concept 2:

Specially designed, thick OMR answer sheets, meant for 2-colour printing must be purchased. This is also not true.

Current Assumptions About OMR

Correct concept 1:

OMR sheet scanning can be done using a regular image scanner. You no longer need to rely on expensive OMR sheet reader machines or OMR scanners, which also come with high maintenance costs.

Correct concept 2:

OMR sheet scanning can be done in black and white. 2-color prints are no longer needed.

Correct concept 3:

Regular printing papers that are 60-70 GSM in thickness can very well be used for printing OMR sheets.

OMR Technology & its Misconceptions

Earlier when OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) technology was commercially introduced into the market, it required a big, standalone setup of traditional OMR sheet reader machine. These machines were expensive and demanded manual operations to be carried out during the sheet reading process. The papers used by these machines were specially manufactured and not easily available. The old scanning machines required high maintenance costs and could only read colored OMR sheets. These lead to two common misconceptions about OMR sheet checking process.

  1. One has to buy a separate, expensive OMR Sheet Reader Machine or OMR Scanner.
  2. One has to purchase thick OMR sheets that are usually used for 2-color printing.

This is not true. The last decade has seen a huge leap in the progress of OMR technology. Use of a software-based OMR sheet reader eliminated the exclusivity of the old OMR technology. The prerequisites for the new OMR sheet reader software technology became simple and cost-effective.

Optical Mark Reader Software

Basic requirements for the New OMR technology

  • OMR sheet printing process involves printing the design of OMR sheet created by the design module onto a paper using a printer.
  • Any normal laser/inkjet printer can be used for printing OMR sheets. Photocopy machines or offset printers can also be used depending upon the quantity of OMR sheets to be printed.
  • A normal white paper with 60-70 GSM in thickness can be easily used for printing.

OMR Sheet Scanning

  • Addmen OMR software is the principle component in the OMR sheet scanning process.
  • OMR sheet scanning process involves scanning the filled OMR sheets using a scanner.
  • Any flatbed scanner (1-by-1 sheet scanning) or ADF scanner (Automatic Document Feeder for many sheets) can be used for scanning OMR sheets.

Advantages of Addmen OMR Sheet Reading

  • You can create your own designed OMR sheet.
  • Any printer works well depending upon your requirement.
  • OMR software is not brand-specific or model-specific and any image scanner can be used for scanning OMR sheets.
  • Thick papers are no longer needed.
  • Printing double-sided sheets is also possible.
  • OMR software automatically corrects tilts, skews and misalignments in the scans occurred while scanning the OMR sheets.
  • Black & white OMR sheets can be created. 2-color printing is not mandatory.
  • Use of Addmen OMR software decreases the cost of sheet reading process significantly because you design your own sheets.
  • OMR Pro comes with professional features which has the accuracy to read even the old patterned OMR designs.
  • 100% accuracy in reading OMR sheets
  • Delivers quick and automated results
  • Low-cost setup and maintenance

Scanner Comparison

Scanning OMR sheets is the most crucial process and so you need to estimate your own requirements while selecting a scanner. Let's categorize these requirements based on the speed, workload and budget.

Speed Price Model Use
10-12 sheets/min Rs. 7000/- HP4625 Used by educational institutes with workload of 2000 sheets/day
40 sheets/min (high speed) Rs. 20000-40000/- Fujitsu fi6125,6130; Kodak i1210; HP3000 Used for more professional work with high workload

Canon (IR 3300---6000); Ricoh, Xerox and other big copier machines can also be used for scanning.

Additional Features of OMR Sheet Checker Software

  • Test checking, application form reading and question building, all possible in a single software interface
  • Reads all kinds of question formats like MCQ, True & False, Numerical, Matrix matching, etc.
  • Supports scanning formats like BMP/TIFF at 100-200 dpi in all color modes
  • Linking of scanner and the test checker software on the same PC is not essential
  • Apart from OMR, the software also reads OCR, Image & Barcodes
  • Supports wide range of reports and charts like statistics, merit lists, graphical & progress charts, etc.
  • Allotment of several marking schemes like negative, decimal, section-wise multiple marking, etc.
  • Data can be exported to PDF, Excel, etc.
  • OMR test results can be uploaded on the website
  • Can send results via the integrated SMS module
  • Free data back-up is done regularly on a secure server

Introduction to Addmen OMR-OCR-ICR Software Solution

Addmen OMR Sheet Reading Software Process Overview

OMR Sheet Design & Printing

Optical Mark Reader Software

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    • Design your own OMR Sheet:
      Select from the several predefined and ready to use OMR sheet design templates that come with the OMR software. You can even create entirely new designs using the Sheet Design Panel.
    • Print your own OMR sheets:
      With the OMR software, you can now take laser prints on standard A4 sized copier papers. Alternatively you may resort to photocopies too, or offset printing for bulk printing.
    • Simplicity & Economy: 2-color printing is no more a mandatory requirement. The OMR software rids you from your dependence on specialized paper vendors. Resort to black and white laser prints for cutting down on sheet printing costs.
    • Get rid of tedious tasks like manual calibration of misaligned sheets. The OMR software comes with a smart feature that auto-corrects skewed and misaligned OMR sheet scans.
    • The advanced OMR for professionals comes integrated with additional customizations that let you read OMR Machine based Sheets with old OMR designs and patterns.
    • Duplex sheets or two-sided OMR sheets can be also be printed and processed using the OMR software.

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OMR Scanner Price, Models & Speed

Optical Mark Reader Software

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  • Use any regular scanner: You are not confined to specific brands or scanner models. Your image scanner and the MCQ test checker software will not be directly linked in any way. Both processes do not necessarily be carried out on the same PC.
  • So you may choose the scanner model of your choice. You can even settle for a low-end scanner without the color dropping feature.
  • For Institutes having to deal with a workload of 2000 sheets per day, the best choice would be a cheap ADF Scanner costing around Rs. 7000/- and which delivers a scanning speed of 10-12 sheets per minute. Recommended Model - HP4625
  • For Professionals handling tens of thousands of sheets every day, high-speed ADF scanners are recommended, which will cost you around Rs. 20000-40000/- to deliver scanning speeds of about 40 sheets/min.
    Recommended Models - Fujitsu fi6125, 6130, Kodak i1210, HP3000
  • You may also use the large and multi-functional Copier machines by brands like Canon (IR 3300...6000), Xerox, Ricoh can also be used.

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OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software

  • 3-in-1 Software interface
    1. OMR Answer Sheet checker for MCQ based test checking.
    2. OMR Form Reader for processing application forms.
    3. Question Paper Generator for designing and generating question papers.
  • Customized for reading OMR, OCR, and Image blocks, and also barcodes and lithocodes.
  • Can be used for reading single sided or double-sided sheets.
  • Enabled with auto-calibration feature that lets you read tilted, rotated, and skewed sheets with maximum accuracy.
  • Delivers high reading speed of approximately 1 sheet per second, on a PC with average configuration, and upto 3 sheets per second on a well-configured PC.
  • Single-pass reading of photographs & data.
  • Easily scan and store the images of the sheets in BMP/TIF formats at a resolution of 100-200dpi in Grayscale & Color modes.
  • Supports all test patterns, including MCQ, Numerical questions, True or False and Matrix style column matching questions.
  • Supports negative marking & decimal scoring systems.
  • Allot multiple marking schemes in the same test; give different marking schemes for each section.
  • Reports and results can be obtained in the following formats:
    1. As Merit Lists in differing layouts
    2. Progress Charts & Graphical Performance reports
    3. Analytical Reports & Statistical Reports
  • You can also export the results into PDF, Excel and other viewable and downloadable formats.
  • Automate the process of announcing the results by integrating your software with the SMS feature.
  • Display the OMR Test Result on your institutes Website.
  • Benefit from the free backup facility on our secure central server database.