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Advantages of Addmen OMR Sheet Reader Software

Machine Free License - Valid for Lifetime
Onetime payment - No annual License Fee

No limits on No. of Sheet Designs
No limits on No. of Tests
No limits on No. of Sheets

There might be several websites and vendors selling OMR Softwares, but
how does a layman select the best OMR software ?

Read the following points properly to understand....
....what makes Addmen, There might be several websites and vendors selling it, but how does a layman select the best?

Read the following points properly to understand.... .... what makes us the best?

  • Background of the Company
  • Ingenius approach ( Original Concept- Creative Ideas )
  • Consistent & Reliable Performace
  • Scalable & Futuristic- ( Supports your Growth & Future vision )
  • Maturity of the System
  • Strong Backup & Support Mechanism
  • Technical Features

Background of the OMR Software Company
(this is most important)

Addmen is a leading brand in the field of Form Reading solutions in India. Our revolutionary OMR Form Reader Software, by virtue of its cost effectiveness and flexibility has changed the scenario of discovering solutions in India and now we are heading to create an impact, world over.

Our huge client list has not grown in just 2-3 years. It has gradually grown in last 12 years. Click here to have an idea of our clientele.

Our clientele is the biggest proof of :
  • stability of the company;
  • consistency of the product;
  • efficiency of technical support services;
  • and reasonable pricing and policies;

Our clientèle is not only private institutes and coaching classes. BUT it also contains very prestigious national level institutes & universities and critical government and defence organisations, where the accuracy is very important, otherwise in government recruitment examinations, any slightest mistake will lead to RTI and all sorts of legal complaints.

Serving so many critical Government & Defence sector clients...speaks about the perfection of our OMR Sheet Checking software and accuracy of the results.

Many websites are showing fake clientèle...ask them for proofs.

Consistent & Reliable Performace ( this is really important )

There are several clients of Addmen who are using multiple licenses (more than 100 licenses) of the OMR software. No mature organisation buys 20-100 licenses and spends lacs of rupees on first day without proper judgement.

When our years old existing users order for additional licenses for their branches. This is the biggest appreciation of our products, policies and service.

When prestigious corporates like HCL, Sahara, Reliance who have sufficient technical team to create their own systems and to minutely judge everything technically, when they buy our softwares, it means it is well tested.


Ingenious approach ( Original Concept- Creative Ideas )

This is an original concept that we evolved 12 years ago. It is developed and backed by a team of creative people and versatile minds that generate new and original ideas.

There are several copy-cat firms who are imitating the look and feel of it. Those who copy might sell the product cheap but these look-alike websites and products lack any creativity and experience.

The difference will be clearely understood when you read further about scalability and futuristic capability of the software.


Scalable & Futuristic- ( Supports your Growth & Future vision )

The moment you buy it, what about growth? Think twice before you get stuck up.

We have several add on attachments that might help you to completely automate your institute:

  • If you want to have an Online Test system clubbed with your OMR System, and want combined analysis of both, does your vendor have it?
    Addmen provides an excellent ready to use Online Test Software, which can be conveniently attached to your website. Same question papers can be used for both MCQ test systems.

    Click here to also view the Online Exam System interface.

  • If you grow and want to have a web based institute management software in your organisation, what if you want to integrate your OMR system with ERP. Does your vendor have it?
    Addmen has a full fledged ERP for Institute management system, which is auto integrated with OMR Software. You will not need to enter names in it, it will automatically pick from the Institute management system. This system is ready the moment you want it.

    Click here to also view the Online Institute Management System interface.

  • If you grow to multiple centrers, will it be able integrate data over internet?
    Using Addmen this, you can merge data of various centrers into one over internet.

    Click here to also view the Online Test Result interface.

  • Recruitment and selection examination patterns are frequently changing, currently most MCQ exams are on basis of ABCD type of single or multiple choice questions pattern. But what if the pattern changes to psychometric evaluation where all options have individual marks. A lot of statistical and analytical reports are required in psychometric system. Does your vendor have it?
    It is already, ready with psychometric evaluation System and also delivers elaborate statistical reports like- Item Discrimination Index, Kuder Richardson Index, Item Response Curve etc..


Maturity of the OMR System

Some vendors are selling some useless points and call them features. Unless the new user is mature and experienced in OMR process, the beginner user will not know which feature is actually required and which features are useless just to count.

Our solution and services are serving around 2500 organisations in last 12 years...we have a large bank of institutes guiding us...and so we have done many developments and changed with times.

The Addmen OMR Optical mark software is constantly updated many times in a year for simple and hassle free working. We release a major version every year. What was important yesterday may not be important today. So in every version, many features are added and many are unused features are removed. The software has been evolving to become simpler, faster and more flexible ever since.


Strong Backup & Support Mechanism

Clearly ask your vendor for the Technical Support that you are going to receive.
Ask for the team size on Technical Support. Validate the system.

Addmen has a dedicated support team for each software. There is one dedicated account manager for each client to coordinate all their requests.

For us managing approx.. 2500 customers would be impossible, if we did not have a proper system and a proper training and support team. Addmen has a automated system of client records maintenence. You can track records of all your support requests.

Click here to also view our Technical Support arrangements for existing clients.

Click here to read about Features of OMR Software

Part 1 - Introduction to OMR Software Main Interface
OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software and OMR Form Reader

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