FAQs on OMR Scanner (Optical Mark Recognition Scanner)

The OMR system is used for MCQ based examinations, admission forms, data collection forms, etc. The advantage of OMR sheet is that you do not have to check the sheets manually. This makes processing and evaluating quick, especially when you have to check a huge bulk of sheets within a short period of time. These OMR sheets have to be scanned first. Hence, let us know about the FAQs on OMR scanner.

FAQs on OMR Scanner

1. What is an OMR scanner?

The Optical Mark Recognition or OMR machine, also called the OMR scanner, scans and reads the OMR sheets. However, this has become old technology with the introduction of the OMR software.

2. Is it important to buy an OMR scanner machine?

No. Today, the use of the OMR scanner machine has decreased considerably. The OMR machines are both bulky and expensive. On the other hand, the new OMR software is easy to install as well as use. The software does not require a special scanner to scan the sheets. You can use a regular scanner that is used in offices. Once the sheets are scanned, they are saved in a folder in the computer from where the software reads and evaluates them.

3. What type of OMR scanner should be purchased?

You do not need to buy an OMR scanner as it is outdated today. Instead buy an automatic or flatbed scanner as per your requirements. The type of scanner you require would depend on factors like average workload requirement, scanning speed requirement, budget, and portability and distributed location requirement.

If you do not have much workload, a scanner that scans 300 sheets per hour would be sufficient. However, if you have to scan large number of sheets on a daily basis, a professional document scanner that scans 10000-25000 sheets per day would be required

If you have to carry the scanner to multiple locations, it would be difficult to carry the OMR machine as it is large and bulky. On the other hand, a regular scanner is small and light as well as works fast too.

4. From where can the OMR scanner be purchased?

The OMR scanner is not manufactured in India and hence has to be imported. However, this machine is no longer in use. The scanner that is used today for OMR sheets can be bought from your local computer vendor. As the software gives you the freedom to use any type of scanner, you can choose one according to your budget and work requirements.

5. What is an OMR sheet checking machine?

The OMR sheet checking machine is the same as the OMR scanner. Together they are known as the OMR machine. This machine both scans and reads the OMR sheets. But it is an expensive equipment to buy and maintain too. Buying the OMR software is a much better option.

6. What is the difference between OMR sheet scanner and OMR machine?

They are one and the same thing. The OMR machine is also known as OMR sheet scanner and OMR scanning machine.

7. What is OMR scanner software?

The OMR scanner software is a relatively new introduction that provides complete OMR solutions. This software is installed in the computer from where it reads the OMR sheets scanned by a regular scanner. Moreover, if you use the old OMR machine, you do not need this software as the machine does both activities, i.e. scanning and reading.

8. From where can one purchase OMR sheet scanner software?

There are several companies that manufacture OMR sheet scanner software. The Addmen group is definitely the best among them. Visit www.admengroup.com to get this software.

9. What is the cost of OMR scanner in India?

As mentioned earlier, OMR scanners are expensive. It may cost you more than 200,000 rupees to buy one. However, you do not need to buy one if you have OMR software, which is much more convenient. The OMR software can work with any regular scanner. You can either buy an ADF or Automatic Document Feeder scanner or a flatbed scanner as per your requirements. A basic automatic scanner is available at less than Rs. 10,000, while a professional scanner can be purchased at the price of Rs. 20,000 or more.

10. What is the speed of the OMR scanner?

The speed of the scanner would depend on the type of scanner. The beginner level ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) scans 5-10 sheets in a minute. Likewise, the professional ADF scanner has the capacity to scan almost 20-150 sheets in one minute.

11. What are the best brands for OMR scanners in India?

Some of the best brands include Canon, Epson, HP, Kodak, Samsung, etc.