How to Handle OMR Answer Sheet?

OMR sheets can be recognized as a paper or document that is made of bubbles or boxes with index points on its corners. The OMR reader software has the ability to detect and read the dark marks made on the bubbles. While this is a fast method of checking MCQ Based Test Papers, there are some things that one has to remember while handling the OMR sheets. This is because it is difficult for the OMR software to read damaged OMR sheets. With this note, let us take a look at how to handle OMR sheets.

Instructions for handling OMR sheets

The Addmen OMR Software can read OMR sheets with minor tears, folds or other damages with ease. However, it is always better to follow these guidelines for handling OMR sheets.

  • Refrain from punching, tying or stapling the OMR sheets. These can hamper the reading process and can also damage the scanner lens, rendering the scanner useless.
  • OMR sheets should be stored or placed in packets or envelopes.
  • Do not fold or tear the OMR sheets. If you have to fold or tear a part of the sheet, do it from the perforated or cutting line provided for this purpose.
  • No rough work should be done on or near the index points, as this can come in the way of the reading process. The index points should be kept intact.
  • Only black or blue ball point pen or pencil should be used for filling the OMR sheets. Refrain from using gel or ink pens as these can cause smudging and blotting, thus ruining the sheets.
  • The exam staff should avoid crushing the sheets together after collecting them as the ink may not have dried on some papers and may create impressions on others. This can cause problems in reading.
  • They should also ensure that the signs and stamps are done on the allotted areas and not anywhere else on the sheet.
  • The pen marks on the OMR sheets cannot be erased, so it is better not to do so. Use of whitener is not allowed by many examination committees.
  • In case you want to erase the pencil marks on the OMR bubbles, use a good quality, soft rubber that erases the marks completely and perfectly.

These guidelines on how to handle OMR sheets should be followed for the successful reading by the OMR software.