Guidelines to OMR Test Invigilator

The OMR sheets have to be in good condition during the scanning and reading process to achieve 100% Accurate Results. The instructions section of the OMR sheets is meant for the students or candidates and states all the dos and don't s of filling and handling the OMR sheets. However, apart from the students, the sheets are handled by the invigilators too. Hence it is important for them to know about some of the rules of handling the OMR sheets.


Common mistakes made by the examination staff or invigilator

Many times, the OMR sheets are damaged not because of the students but because of the carelessness of the invigilators or examination staff. Hence, it is extremely crucial that they know about some guidelines to the OMR test invigilator.


Instructions for the invigilator

  • It is the responsibility of the invigilator to check whether the student has filled the roll no. and test code properly in the OMR format.
  • Students or candidates who do not know how to fill long roll numbers in the OMR format should be aided by the examiner.
  • The exam staff has to ensure that the students fill the bubbles completely and properly and not just with thin strokes or tick marks.
  • An important thing that should be kept in mind by the invigilators is to sign and stamp only in the places allotted for this purpose. They should not sign anywhere near or on the index points.


How to collect and pack the OMR sheets?

  • The OMR Sheets should not be tied, punched or stapled. These can damage the sheets and hamper the reading process. Do not press the sheets too much after collecting them because if the ink on the sheets has not dried out, it can create unnecessary impressions on the paper.
  • The OMR sheets should be packed in packets or envelopes. It is the duty of the examiner to make sure that there are no creases on the sheets while packing. Rubber bands should not be used to pack the sheets together.
  • He/she should also note the number of sheets packed in every packet as well as the count of the number of students who did not attend the examination.
  • In case of carbonless OMR sheets, the invigilator has to make sure that the student submits the first sheet and not the copy.


How to handle two part OMR sheets?

He/she also has to ensure that there are no tears or folds on the sheet. If the OMR sheet has to be folded or torn, as in the case of two part OMR sheets, it should be done on the tear or fold margin provided on the sheet.