Rough Work on OMR Sheet

The OMR sheets are used for MCQ Based Test Papers, where you have to fill the option bubbles for answering the question. However, you would not be able to arrive at the right answer directly for all papers, especially in mathematics exams. In such cases, it is important that you do not do the rough work on the OMR sheets. This is because the OMR sheets are not checked manually, but by a software or a machine and stray marks on the paper could cause confusion for the OMR reader.

The OMR software possesses the ability to read dark marks on certain areas of the OMR sheet. The four index points on its corners make this possible. However, if you do your rough work on the sheet, the software would read them as dark marks, thus getting in the way of the reading process. Apart from this, it is best to avoid writing spiritual slogans and holy salutations on the OMR sheets, as these marks can also confuse the OMR sheets. Hence, you must make sure that there is no rough work, scratches or dirt on the OMR sheet.

In case you have to do rough work to derive the answers of the questions, ask for an extra paper or supplement for this purpose. You must remember that the OMR software is designed to read dark marks only on certain areas of the sheet and not on the others.

However, Addmen's OMR Software is not affected by rough work or scratches on the OMR sheets. Nevertheless, as you do not know which software the exam body uses, refrain from doing rough work on the OMR sheets.