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Addmen's OMR software provides the feature of displaying results on the website for online tests. This is very convenient way as you do not have to spend money on printing the results and sending them to the students. Moreover, you can upload detailed results online which cannot be done otherwise. The detailed results include the OMR test score sheet, the actual test paper, answer key, etc. Once these results are uploaded on the website, the students can view their results by entering their roll no.


How does the online test result work?

The online test result is a facility that can be bought from Addmen either for one time use or on a rental basis. You can add this facility to your website easily. Here are some of the features of the online test result facility.

  • A link named Online Test Result on your website would take the user to the server where the results are saved. Even though the results are on a different website, it would appear as it is part of your website.
  • The name of Addmen group would not appear anywhere on the result page. The user would find the name and logo of your institute on the page.
  • The candidate has to type in his/her roll no. to be directed to the online result page. The results are arranged in a tabular format. Along with this, students can view their results in the graphical form too. You can also include their answer sheet and the answer key here.
  • It is possible to protect the results of the students by locking it with a password.


Contents of online result page

Every student is taken to his/her personal page to view his/her results. Each student page contains information like candidate name, ID, parents' name, batch, test date and name, subject-wise marks, total marks, candidate OMR sheet or candidate question and answer response, percentage or percentile, online solution, etc.

The online results of the students can be uploaded even in case of subjective exams. In this case, the marks have to be typed in manually. However, in this case, it is not possible to upload marks of every question.

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