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The online test result is a facility that is available with Addmen OMR software. One of the features of this facility includes web based online result software through which you can upload the results online on your institutes's website. Other than this, you receive database space to save the records of online results as well as hosting space for uploading graphical reports of the results, scanned images of the students' OMR sheets and a PDF file of the answer key.

The online result software is not free. In other words, you have to pay for the space required to upload the results on the website. You can do this in two ways: one is by leasing and the other is by purchasing the software.

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The lease or rental option is more economical as you have to pay an annual amount according to the amount of space you need. For 1GB space, you have to pay Rs. 2000, while 2 GB is available at Rs. 3000 p.a. A space for 4 GB is available at the cost of Rs. 5000. Moreover, you have to pay an extra Rs. 1000 for every GB after 4 GB. As you would be renting a limited GB for a year, it is important to make space by removing old test reports regularly.

(Per Annum)
Storage Space 
2000 1 GB
3000 2 GB
5000 4 GB
1000/ GB 4 GB


The other option of purchasing the online space is best for people who want to keep all the reports of the student till he/she is studying at the institute. In this case, you can buy the online result software license and host it in any software as you wish. You can buy the online test result software at Rs. 10,000 and use it for as long as you want. Once you buy it, you can make changes or modifications to the code as per your requirement.